Gateway Keith Avenue Neighborhood Association


Photo: Robert Mathews

Welcome to the Gateway Keith Avenue Neighborhood Association Web site. Our group includes residents of the section of Keith Avenue between Spruce Street and Euclid Avenue (plus a little more on each end).

Private Area

The other pages on this site are private, meaning that only neighbors can view them. Click here to continue to the private pages.

If you're a neighbor and you don't know the password, the easiest thing to do is ask your friendly neighbor — most people know it. If that fails, contact Robert Mathews at 1060 Keith:

The next day before the dawn we were lying to upon the Oakland side of San Francisco Bay. The day was breaking as we crossed the ferry; the fog was rising over the citied hills of San Francisco; the bay was perfect—not a ripple, scarce a stain, upon its blue expanse; everything was waiting, breathless, for the sun. A spot of cloudy gold lit first upon the head of Tamalpais, and then widened downward on its shapely shoulder; the air seemed to awaken, and began to sparkle, and suddenly

"The tall hills Titan discovered,"

and the city of San Francisco, and the bay of gold and corn, were lit from end to end with summer daylight.

— Robert Louis Stevenson, 1879